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Learn about Tea

How many times can you steep a tea?

You may steep our teas several times. Each time, a new flavor nuance will arise. If you plan to steep more than twice, you may want to add an extra teaspoon or two according to taste and the strength desired

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How do you brew Tea? 

1. Choose and Measure Out Your Tea.  1 teaspoon of tea? Use one for a single serving of tea, use a few if you're making a pot. 

2. Heat Your Water  Getting your water to the correct temp is crucial—if the water is too hot, it will burn the tea. Too cool, and the tea will barely steep. Water for white and green teas should generally be between 170 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Oolong should be brewed between 180 and 190. And black and herbal teas should be brewed between 208 and 212 degrees

3. Pour the water over the tea and steep for 3 to 7 minutes.

Just like the amount of tea you use, the time you spend steeping will come down to personal preference. (You're a beautiful, unique snowflake—and so is your cup of tea.) Herbal infusions need the most steeping (5 to 7 minutes); white teas need the least (just a minute or two). For every other tea (black, green, oolong, dark), you can probably get away with 3 minutes. Taste the tea at this point—if you want it stronger, keep steeping! But don't just let the tea hang out in the mug/pot forever, otherwise it will get tannic and bitter.

4. Let the tea cool slightly before drinking

This sounds obvious, right? But this is about more than just temperature. Letting the tea cool slightly before you start drinking it will allow you to taste the tea's subtle and delicate flavors. And sure, it will also prevent you from burning your mouth.

How long until the coffee or Tea expire

Coffee Expiration:  Unopened  Bag 1 year.   Opened Bag is best used within 90days if whole bean.  Sooner if ground.

Tea Expiration:  Unopened bag 1year.  Opened bag will lose optimal freshness at 6 months but will not be "Expired" by any means  

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