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I have always been passionate about coffee. 2am cup with my dad before he’d leave for work, the 6am cup at grandma’s house in silence with only the light above her stove on. Drinking as quickly as I could before the yellow bus pulled up. The late teen years at an all-night diner, giggling and rushing home for curfew. Later, evenings spent at my favorite shop in my hometown that doubled as a bookstore, with an open mic night.  Finally, my move to Washington state was brought about to work for the coffee mermaid in their finance department nearly 14 years ago.

I learned a lot about coffee from the Mermaid.  I’d hear stories from the buyers and recipe developers.  I never fully understood how coffee could be as farm to table, as a tomato, for example.

Fast forward from 2007 to 2017, A trip to Oahu with my now husband.  He hated coffee.  The smell, the taste, the memories of the metal can in his grandmother’s kitchen. Energy drink in hand, he acquiesced to a day trip to Green World Coffee farms. I was like a kid in a candy store; tees, coffee, mug, lotion, ooh and all the coffee I brought home. I bought it All! As we walked the gardens, He stood under a tree, and stared silently for a few moments and said “That, that berry is coffee?” “That cherry”, I said. “Feeds my soul and fuels my life!” In that moment he saw that coffee, that cherry, in a whole new way.


I started roasting coffee at home.  It took some time, but one drink and he was hooked. Our product was born out of a passion for the perfect cup. The unrecognized hero of the morning.  A cup that excites you to wake tomorrow for another. We are a small roaster of single origin coffee that pays the deepest respect to the work and love each farmer and co-op put into their trees, cherries, processes, and beans. I roast each bean to reflect its greatest potential. We carry limited quantities from multiple regions plus different varieties of exceptional teas.

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